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track scan

Wauw wat werkt dat goed en snel!


Goede app

Very good. Streamlined. Only in Dutch

It took sometimes but this App now works very well. It is only in Dutch but perfectly understandable as there are a lot of icons which are self explanatory. As soon as a parcel is shipped to you and the email is a match together with your used addressed you do not even need to scan or enter the Shipping reference, it is in your view automatically. You can create your own shipping labels, pay, and get directly to the post office and they will scan the bar code and all done. Very efficient.


Don’t interrupt me while I’m trying to reroute my package asking for a review. And definitely don’t do it twice when I cancel the first time.

Goede app

Ruimte voor verbetering: Tracker in de auto voor nog meer accurate

Moved to NL

I moved to NL last year, I lived in Luxembourg and the USA and I have never experienced such speedy and informative deliveries. I order a lot online as I’m finding my way around to local shops. Even ordering online I’m hesitant if another delivery service is used because I have found non of them as reliable as PostNL. Thank you.


Very very good


heeeel goed

Awesone app!

Kudos to the UX and UI designers, it is awesome! 💖💖Missing english a little bit, seen it on the site, hoping to arrive on the app as well.


Bad, no tracker (i m from brazil)

I can't read it

I have a package that's being sent to me using this postal service, PUT IN ENGLISH, AND HAVE UNITED STATES AS A COUNTRY OPTION!!!


Zeer gebruikers onvriendelijke app. De apps due ik gebruik laten me simpelweg het tracking nummer intoetsen en klaar is Kees. Hier moet ik eerst in een lange lijst het land opzoeken waar de zending vandaan komt en dan ook nog eens de post code van (ik neem aan) de geadresseerde ingeven en die heb ik natuurlijk niet bij de hand. Deze app verwijder ik weer onmiddellijk en ga weer gewoon mijn USPS en ParcelTrack appjes gebruiken.

Handige app!

Wat fijn om al mijn pakketten inzichtelijk te hebben

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